Booty Builder 2017
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  • The Booty Builder® is a new and innovative machine which makes hip-thrusting safer, faster and better.


    Compact design
    Eliminates the need for gym members to occupy benches, barbells, plates and floor space. The length of the Booty Builder® machine is SHORTER than an Olympic barbell, and the width is SHORTER than a standard training bench. The innovative design makes it possible to place it close to a side wall, or into a tight corner space.


    You are doing an optimal range of motion and movement for targeting the gluteus maximus when exercising on the Booty Builder®. The machine is based on the hip thrust, shown in research to provide extreme glute activation, as well as great activation of the hamstrings and core muscles. The problem with the hip thrust is the hassle of setting up with free weights and benches, losing balance and/or flipping over the bench or barbell.

    The Booty Builder® circumvents all of these issues, as it is constructed on a highly stable platform which is easy and SAFE to use. It can be performed comfortably by just about everyone, and our wire adjustment and bench can be adjusted for individual biomechanics.

    It takes less time training on the Booty Builder® than setting up for a barbell hip thrust. More gym members can train in less time.